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Locked-in to Enjoy

To experience a memorable evening and break free from daily life, we offer you our "Locked-in to enjoy" event. During this evening, outside our regular opening hours, you will have the opportunity to browse undisturbed through our bookstore with your family, friends or alone.

Besides our collection of books, we also provide a unique atmosphere, warmth from the fireplace and armchairs that invite you to read and unwind throughout the evening.

If desired, you can book our catering service (e.g. Italian starters, Spanish tapas or a cheese variation) and enjoy regional wine. Coffee, tea and other non-alcoholic drinks are always available and will be billed for after consumption.

Optionally you can order small dishes in advance:

Italian Starters (Mo-Fr)
35,- €
Selection of cheese
25,- €
Tiramisu (Mo-Fr)5,50 €
Cake or pieby arrangement

We obtain our meals from nearby caterers. As we are unable to display daily prices, we ask you to consider these as guidelines only.

Please do not bring your own food or drinks. Instead, contact us if you have any special needs or wishes for the evening.

Our store is not suitable for celebrations with substantial catering.


Price & Info

Price: 30€ per person (25€ per person from 4+ people)

Plus drinks à la carte (e.g. water, coffee, tea, wine).

You will receive a separate offer for catering.

Locked-in to enjoy is available Monday and Friday from 7 to 10 PM and Saturdays from 5 to 8 PM, except for national holidays and holidays within Hessen.

During Locked-in to enjoy, you will have the freedom to browse, read and relax without the supervision of a member of staff. We will unlock the door at a prearranged time so you can purchase your newly discovered books and return home. You can find a glimpse of our book selection on this page.

Of course, we will inform you about toilettes, escape routes and a way to contact us in an emergency before being locked in. For insurance-specific reasons, we require a valid ID before we lock the doors behind you.

Regarding reservations or other questions, please call or email us. We will gladly advise you. You can reach us during our opening hours at 0611/181 79 363.