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We love books! Especially beautiful and extraordinary books that do not appear on any bestseller lists. With over 65,000 new German publications a year (in English even more), the books of smaller independent publishing houses are not only incredibly close to our hearts but will invite you to browse, discover and read them with us. In our book selection, we place special emphasis on finely bound books, which is why you will find only a few selected paperbacks. Naturally, we also have your preferred books from the bestseller lists in stock, or we can order them for you if needed.

The German and English bookstore and coffeehouse, Buch-Café Nero39, holds the latest German and English books in the categories:

Art & Lifestyle
Graphic novels & Comics
Children's books

We serve delicious variations of tea from Samova or fairtrade, ecologically cultivated coffee from Ökotopia and a range of non-alcoholic drinks.

Additionally, we offer an ordering service and our special event, "Locked-in to enjoy".

At our bookstore, you can pay in cash, with a giro card and credit card, and even have your book wrapped as a present free of charge.

Reading Recommendations

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We wish for a world worth living in for future generations as well as ours.

Therefore, we provide a wide range of discussion-worthy books, do not run after every bestseller and always attempt to offer our goods and services with a low impact on climate and environment in mind.

However, we are always open to further suggestions.

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Would you like a contactless and quick delivery to your home?

No problem. In cooperation with Wiesbaden's Kiezkaufhaus, we can have your goods delivered via cargo bike to your chosen destination at your preferred time.

The delivery cost lies at approx. 6€ depending on distance/expenditure.

Simply ask, and we will arrange everything from delivery to billing for you.

Wiesbaden liest

"Wiesbaden liest" is a collective web presence of nine bookstores in Wiesbaden, furnished with recommendations, news and dates of literary events in our beautiful city.

Goldene Mitte

Besides our Nero39, the neighbourhood includes other stores waiting to be discovered.